5 Halloween Driving Safety Tips to Keep Little Ones Secure

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It’s that time again. Zombies, fairies, vampires and more will soon be careening down the street, high on sugar and excitement. And those are just the parents.

Why we need Halloween driving safety tips in 2016

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so that means there will be a three-day span of festivities for all ages. Since it’s also dark by early evening, drivers have to be particularly vigilant. Little goblins don’t always look both ways before crossing the street and their parents, who may have been sipping some potent witch’s brew, may not be paying attention either.

“Little goblins don’t always look both ways.”

Here are 5 Halloween driving safety tips to ensure that any blood you see comes out of a tube and isn’t a result of an accident.

Pay Attention

It seems obvious, but remember that little ninjas race from house to house in black costumes and princesses are often very small. Put down the cell phone. Be aware of your surroundings.

Slow Down

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For all the reasons above, drive slowly and carefully. Never pass—you don’t know if a car is slowing down for trick-or-treaters. Pay particular attention at intersections. Even if there’s no stop sign, slow down and look both ways.

Shine On

Being out and about in the dark is the whole point of Halloween, so check your headlights, brights, brake lights, and turn signals now. If bulbs are burned out replace them at home or take your car in to a mechanic. One other tip—clean road grime off ALL your lights for better visibility for yourself, other drivers, and trick-or-treaters.

Keep Your Windshield Clear

Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance it’ll be raining at some point during Halloween weekend (This may bring back not-so-fond memories of having to wear a coat over a costume for many of you).

“Worn out wipers leave streaks and smears.”

Worn out wipers leave streaks and smears, which can make it especially difficult to spot little ones. Since 90% of driving decisions are based on how well you see, make sure your wipers are in tip-top shape.

Replacing wiper blades at home for safety and greater visibility is an easy way to ensure you’ll see what’s happening in front of you.

Be Able to Stop on a Dime

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Even if you do everything right, unexpected events can occur. Your brakes are your last defense so make sure they’re working at full capacity. If you’re experiencing any of these brake problems or you can’t remember the last time you replaced your pads and brake hardware, you need to take your car in to a mechanic to make sure they’re working properly.

One More Halloween Tip: Get Some Candy

This isn’t one of our Halloween driving safety tips, but we’re adding it to the list. Even if you’re not into dressing up, you can’t go home without something sweet. At YourBrakes, we like Snickers and peanut M & Ms. What’s your favorite?

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