Squeaky Brakes & Car Noises Deserving Squeak Justice!


Imagine the sound of coffee pouring into your cup in the morning. Now imagine your neighbor’s car alarm going off at 3 a.m. One sound’s pleasant and welcome. The other makes you want to scream.

What if there were something you could do to fix the problem of irritating noises? That would be nice, right?

Squeaky Brakes Justice

One of the most annoying car noises is squeaky brakes. You’d think the people who have squeaky brakes would get them fixed for safety. Too often though, the high pitch squeal of worn out brake pads and hardware make everyone’s ears hurt.

In real life, confronting the perpetrators of noise pollution is usually just a fantasy. But the people at Yourbrakes.com have tackled the challenge for you by getting back at some of the people whose brakes are annoyingly squeaky. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some squeak justice!

Squeak Justice

In a just world people with squeaky brakes get blasted with air horns. #ShutTheSqueakUp

Posted by Your Brakes on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

4 Other Annoying Car Noises (In no particular order)

1. Car Alarm

Annoying car noises, loud car alarmParticularly annoying at night, the sound of car alarms pierce through the air like daggers.

2. Car without a muffler

Annoying car noises, loud car mufflerYou can hear the loud rumble of an unprotected exhaust system from a long way away and then you get the added bonus of a muffler dragging on pavement like nails on a chalk board.

3. A LOUD Car Stereo

Annoying Sounds, Loud Car StereoEveryone’s been at a light waiting for it to change and had a car pull up with music so loud that it rattles the windows. Listening to music at that decibel is painful for everyone, especially if you’re not the one choosing it.

4. Squeaky Windshield Wipers

Annoying Car Sounds, Squeaky Windshield WipersThese may not annoy your neighbors, but they certainly annoy you and your passengers. Changing windshield wipers is important, if they’re squeaking and streaking.

Did we miss any other annoying car sounds? What sound do you think deserves some sweet Squeak Justice? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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